Regular Golf Carts


Indios Regular Golf Carts

We can deliver it to your hotel, house or apartment.

You will need a valid driver license. (We will keep it at the office, and we will return it when you return the cart)


Business time: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (We can arrange delivery after 5 p.m., ask conditions)

All reservations include full tank of petrol, insurance, assistance, and petrol refill every 2 days.

Why Indios

Thank you to all our dear customers we have 20 years of experience, working always to provide our best customer service.

To us, the most important is you. Since you make a reservation through our website, phone or email, we work to give you our best customer service. We care of all details about, delivery service to your house, hotel, condo, if you need it, provide all information about driving rules, how the cart works, petrol refill. If you have any issue with the cart, we provide support imeadiately. You can always contact us through a call, text, email or WhatsApp, and we will help you, even after our business time.

20 Years Experience

4.5 Star Rating

Great Customer Service

Customer Support